16733 BOLSENA DR BELLA COLLINA FL 34756 official deed


16733 BOLSENA DR BELLA COLLINA FL 34756 What investor should consider in Bella Collina? Here is an example: about $900,000 LOSS The lot bought for $850,900 and sold for $100 after 3 years. Considering the cost of sale, Club dues, HOA, attorney fees and cost of money, I would assume the Bella Collina investor lost […]

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Latest news: Bella Collina Under Investigation

The current Bella Collina was conceived by the criminal Richard Arrighi and funded by Dwight Schar. He’s a disbarred attorney, who lost his law license and was jailed for being part of a criminal scheme that stole $9,600,000 from the Massachusetts State Treasury, the largest theft in its history.

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